Since 2011 Chris Garrit has been the first elected Night Mayor (Dutch: Nachtburgermeester) of the city of Groningen, the Netherlands. In 2013 he was re-elected. With this position, he became the voice of the for city its nightlife, culture, festivals and other evening activities. In Groningen the night mayor is responsible for maintaining the intricate balance between the city’s citizens who wish to get a sleep in the later hours and those who are in favor of a bustling nightlife. Considering that Groningen is known for a thriving (and often loud) music scene, the Nachtburgermeester needs to maintain a strong relationship with the city’s music venues, their owners, and the musicians who often turn their guitar amps up to eleven.

Chris’ history with music starts young. He began as a teenager playing in bands and later as an professional musician touring throughout Europe. The last 15 years he has worked as a event manager. Chris Garrit is founder of the Creative Council North-Netherlands, the CCNN. Chris Garrit speaks around Europe about night-life and how to improve evening economics in a city full of festivals and music conventions.

He also started the Netherland’s INAF (International Night Ambassador Federation) with a growing network of “night ambassadors” in cities throughout Europe. The goal of the INAF is to get more cities connected and help cities to elect their own Night Mayors. It is a network which gives information, exchanges ideas and supports the local evening economics. Also the INAF helps city councils worldwide to advise about how to get a night-mayor/ ambassador into the city system.

Chris Garrit de Nachtburgemeester van Groningen. (foto: Taatgen)